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Grow your network

LinkedIn: Grow your network like a PRO

– 4 simple tips and tools to get you started

During [insert career fair] you’ll get the chance to meet a lot of interesting company representatives. The connections you make could give you an excellent chance to land your dream job, internship or project collaboration.

But how do you make sure you stay top of mind for the people you have talked to? How do you follow up and strengthen the connections you make at a virtual career fair? And how do you make a plan for achieving the position you want – through your network? 

In this webinar you will get the tools to get you started as a strategic networker – and learn how to improve your LinkedIn profile. 

What you will learn

✓  The ONE thing you must do, when you connect with company representatives on LinkedIn. 

✓  3 easy and effective actions you can take to nurture your new (and current) connections to stay top of mind. 

✓  A simple model for mapping your network – in order to achieve your goal for working with a company. 

✓  Bonus tips as to how you make your LinkedIn profile work for you and help recruiters find you.

Practical info

The webinar is hosted in a collaboration between [insert partner/host] and CA Career Partner & A-kasse. 

✓  Join the webinar and get a chance to get a Q&A about strategic networking with a professional. 

✓  Sign up now – and if you’re unable to join, we’ll send you a link that gives you access to a recording of the webinar for 48 hours after the event. (You won’t be able to ask questions.) 

Sign up now

We look forward to help you land your next job or collaboration through your network. 


Webinar -
75 min.

Download material

Book: LinkedIn: Grow your network like a PRO - fill out the form and submit

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