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discover your competences

Discover your competencies

– and learn how to sell them in your CV

Are you uncertain about your key competencies and what you can offer a potential employer? Or do you need help unfolding your personal and professional competencies in your CV and motivated cover letter?

Then this webinar is for you!

Why it is important to know your competences

If you don’t know your strengths and exactly what motivates you – it’s next to impossible to explain it to your future employer in your CV, cover letter and at the job interview.

​​​​​​​This webinar will prepare you for the job search process and you will get a better understanding of yourself and how to articulate and sell your competences to a potential employer.

What you will learn in an hour

✓ How to uncover your personal and professional competencies

✓ How to increase awareness of what motivates you – so you can give your employer your best performance

✓ Ideas on how to sell your competencies in your CV and cover letter​​​​​​​

✓ Concrete suggestions as to how you can sell your competences in your CV and cover letter

What you will get

✓  you’ll get lists of academic, professional and personal competencies you probably already have, but unaware of

✓ lists of the most wanted professional and personal competencies companies are looking for in students and interns

✓ links for recommended free tests you can take to get more aware of your key strenghts

Practical info 

The webinar is hosted in a collaboration between [insert partner/host] and CA Career Partner & A-kasse. 

✓  Sign up now – and if you’re unable to join, we’ll send you a link that gives you access to a recording of the webinar for 48 hours after the event. (You won’t be able to ask questions.) 

Sign up now

We look forward to help you discover your competencies and sell your skills. 


Webinar -
75 min.

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