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Excel – Introduction to Financial Functions

2. marts I 14:00 - 16:30

Webinar: Excel - Introduction to Financial Functions

This webinar is just the thing, if you have little experience using Microsoft Excel, or if you only have limited knowledge about Excel and want to advance your level within financial functions.

During this webinar, you will get practical advice and tricks on how to easier navigate in Excel. You will learn smart functions and work with related exercises.

Topics include:

You will learn smart functions and work with related exercises. Topics include:
▪️ Simple and conditional functions
▪️ Lookup functions
▪️ Advanced functions and formulas
▪️ Financial functions, such as PV, FV, NPV, PMT, IRR etc.
This webinar will be divided into two parts, whereas the first part will be a practical walk-through of different formulas, and the second part will be an optional exercise session

Target audience:

The webinar is for all business students who wish to get better acquainted with Excel and selected financial functions. It is however a prerequisite that you have used Excel before and want to learn more about the possibility Excel holds.
It is expected that you have:
▪️ A basic knowledge about Excel and can navigate comfortable in an Excel-spreadsheet
▪️ A basic know-how of working with numbers and cells Excel


You have to use your own laptop (PC or Mac) with MS Excel installed (version 2010 or newer).
The teacher will be using a Mac laptop with an English version of MS Excel installed (Microsoft Excel 365)

The teachers are M.Sc. students from Copenhagen Business School.

Practical information on webinars: 

The webinar is free of charge – But as tickets are limited, please unsubscribe in case you are not able to attend. In this way, your ticket can go to a person on the waiting list.
You can unsubscribe through the link in the confirmation e-mail you received when signing up. You can also contact CA by sending us an e-mail at or calling us on 3314 9045 before the webinar begins.


2. marts
14:00 - 16:30
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